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03-22-2014: Setting up Carter Burwell's project the HBO produced Olive Kitteridge. Later in the year for Burwell there's also a film by Todd Haynes ("Carol") which will probably record in late summer or fall of 2014, not sure where. And there's also a Bill Condon film ("A Slight Trick of the Mind") that would likely record in September.

It is with sadness that I mention the passing of my friend and mentor John Ewbank.

08-18-2013: Currently assisting the mix of "The Fifth Estate" at The Body. Recently mixed for CD the Jeff Grace score "We Are What We Are".

07-26-2013: Currently setting up Carter Burwell's studio for secret movie about Julian Assange. Viewed "Kiss The Water" at Tribeca film festival and enjoyed the documentary and the music a great deal. Recently assisted on the mix of "You're Not You" directed by George C. Wolfe, music by Jeanine Tesori and Teese Gohl.

05-13-2013: Recently finished mixing the music score "Ping Pong Summer" for composer Michael Montes. Music mix was completed at The Body NYC. Setting up Carter Burwell's studio for coming secret Marvel project. Completed audio programming for Paul Cantelon music score "Effie".

Dean Parker mixing "Ping Pong Summer" New York 2013.

03-19-2013: Recently completed orchestrations and mixing for the Paul Cantelon score to the film "Wish You Well." After this we went straight onto a documentary by Eric Steel called "Kiss The Water" for which I music edited and mixed the music. Carter Burwell has started to write "August Osage County" and this project will be recorded at Abbey Road and mixed at The Body in early May.

12-23-2012: There are a few projects starting up at the moment. I have just started to setup Carter Burwell's 2013 projects. On another film I am discussing orchestrations with Paul Cantelon and on another I am discussing mixing options with Michael Montes.

Adam Smalley, Michael Farrow and Carter Burwell mixing Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2. Photo by Dean Parker.

07-28-2012: Mixing the music for the final movie in the "Twilight saga - Breaking Dawn 2." This project went straight into Carter Burwell's next project "7 Psychopaths" which was mixed at The Body NYC September 2012.

Bill Condon and Carter Burwell in Abbey Road Studio 2. Photo by Michael Farrow.

04-17-2012: Discussing film project "Erotomania" with Greg Levin's and pre-production with Carter Burwell for the final in the Twilight saga.

02-01-2012: Assisting Carter Burwell with pre-production for "Gangster Squad."

11-17-2011: Finished mixing the latest in the Twilight saga with composer Carter Burwell, engineer Michael Farrow and music editor Adam Smalley at The Body in New York.

Michael Farrow mixes "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" at The Body NYC. Photo by Dean Parker.

Also recently finished composing the score for "Wolf Dog" directed by Bernadine Santistevan which was also mixed at The Body. Photos coming soon. The score featured prominent New York musicians and featured musical artist Robert Mirabal.

Robert Mirabal during sessions for "Wolf Dog." Photo by Dean Parker.

Recent discussion with director Greg Levins about his screen play adaption of the book "Erotomania" by author Francis Levy and that it will be produced as a feature film in 2012.

10-22-2011: Currently scoring "Wolf Dog" at Avatar Recording in New York. In discussions with film producers regarding "Erotomania" an adaptation of the novel by the same name.

07-25-2011: Composing themes for "Wolf Dog" directed by Bernadine Santistevan. Setting up Carter Burwell's studio for a September 2011 mix of film score project.

05-20-2011: "The Cry" score CD has been released by Howlin' Wolf records. It has exceeded expectations and is a terrific presentation of the music from "The Cry." It features 73 minutes of music including previously unheard versions of the main theme. Film music magazine says "The unsettling voice Parker displays over the THE CRY’s hypnotic 73 minutes definitely deserves to be heard again..."

Read a review of the CD here -  http://www.filmmusicmag.com/?p=7917

Buy the CD here - http://www.howlinwolfrecords.com/store.html

03 -06 -2011: Howlin' Wolf Records is putting together the release of the CD score for "The Cry." Bernadine Santistevan is in the process of editing "Wolf Dog" and Dean Parker has started writing the score. Carter Burwell is composing another ad for Delta Airlines and will in September score the next film in the "Twilight" saga called "Breaking Dawn."

Carter Burwell scoring the last cue in "True Grit" at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom 2010. Photo by Dean Parker

10 -04 -2010: Photos from "The Correspondence" updated in the theater section. "True Grit" to be recorded in the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom New York City late October 2010.

08 -09 -2010: Three projects for Carter Burwell currently at different stages of development. "True Grit" directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. "Enlightened" and "Mildred Pierce" for HBO television.

Also on August 21 and 22 Tanya Krohn and I will perform "The Correspondence" at the Society For Ethical Culture.

2010 -04 - 15: Setting up Carter Burwell's studio for the score to "The Kids Are All Right." I have recently been engineering and mixing for composer Wendy Blackstone and also spent two days at jingle and composing house Shout It Out Loud.

2010 -02 - 13: I recently met with Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz. Visual artist from Switzerland creating an installation in New York. They have asked the Bass Player From Hand Job to participate as a poet/model for the installation.

A recent visit to Australia has uncovered a large selection of recorded but unreleased songs from the Captain Blood period. These songs were part of my live performances during the early 1990s. The songs were written after the release of the Captain Blood CD. I am going to publish them as downloadable tracks. There will be three CDs worth of material available as downloads at the major online stores. I have a working title for the project of "Suburban Metaphysical."

2010 -02 - 04: Assisting on "The Bounty Hunter" composed by George Fenton and orchestrated by Geoff Alexander to be recorded at Clinton Recording New York City.

2009 -11 - 07: Setting up Carter Burwell's studio for "Howl."

2009 -08 - 27: Setting up Carter Burwell's studio for two projects. The John Lee Hancock directed "The Blind Side" and the story of Allen Ginsberg "Howl" directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. The music scores for these films will record and mix later in 2009.

2009 -07 - 27: The Bass Player from Hand Job and story in the Village Voice.

25th Anniversary of the Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime featuring Richard Hell, Mike Watt, Bass Player from Handjob, and More Bowery Poetry Club Saturday, July 25.

"What is punk?!" squeals the mysterious Bass Player from Hand Job, as if reposing some remarkably stupid question. Anyone without an answer would have been out of place at the Bowery Poetry Club on Saturday, where erstwhile Minutemen bassist Mike Watt hosted the 25th anniversary celebration of his deceased band's crowning achievement, the double-album Double Nickels on the Dime.

Story by Michael Downes in the Village Voice

2009 -06 - 24: The Bass Player From Hand Job will perform at a celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Minutemen's classic album "Double Nickels on the Dime" Saturday July 25th 8 pm at The Bowery Poetry Club. The event created by Kathi Georges.

2009 -04 - 26: Early discussions with John Ewbank regarding a new recording of songs. Completed mix of "Where The Wild Things Are." Currently preparing Carter Burwell's score for "A Serious Man."

2009 -02 - 12: Setting up Carter Burwell's studio for two projects. The next Joel and Ethan Coen film titled "A Serious Man" and the Spike Jonze directed "Where The Wild Things Are."

2009 -01 - 04: Just finished creating the sound design for WICKETS. Go here for information http://tricksaddle.com/ If you want to catch up I will be at the show each night.


"Credit must be given first and foremost to the set, lighting and sound designers Jenny Rogers, Burke Brown and Dean Parker, respectively, as the plane is rightly one of the stars of the show. It sounds like a plane, looks like a plane; it even smells like a plane."

Reviewed for TheaterOnline.com By Lisa del Rosso

"...Dean Parker the enveloping sound design—a storm sequence is likely to induce passing queasiness."

Review for "Seen and Heard" by Robert Cashill

2008 -11 - 23:

Recently completed the mixing of the "Twilight" score in Carter Burwell's studio in New York.

Discussing a sound design with Clove Breuer for her adaptation of "Fefu & Her Friends" to be produced at 3Legged Dog in New York City.

2008 -09 - 06:

Just finished recording and mixing "Five Guitars."

Currently setting up Carter Burwell's studio for writing and mixing "Twilight." Score to be recorded at Air Lyndhurst London.

2008 -05 - 17:

"The Cry" makes a United States theatrical release in summer 2008. The DVD is also available for purchase.

"The music, composed by Dean Parker, is incredible and helps create the sinister mood of a mind slowly being lost."

Don Sumner (Best Horror Movies.)


2008 -04 - 29

Currently preparing for recording sessions at Abbey Road London. Carter Burwell's score for the Joel and Ethan Coen film "Burn After Reading.

2008 -04 - 05

The Bass Player from Hand Job will sit in with the Dixieland Space Orchestra at the slinky venue Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn April 19th at 8pm.

2008 -01 - 27

Initial studio setup for Carter Burwell's score for the coming Ethan and Joel Coen film "Burn After Reading."

2008 -01 - 26

The Bass Player from Hand Job will sit in with the Dixieland Space Orchestra at the slinky venue Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn tonight at 11pm.

2007 -12 - 02

The Bass Player from Hand Job will introduce new book "Splitting Hairs" at the Cornelia Street Cafe NYC Friday December 7th at 6pm. All welcome! Very exciting work published by Three Room Press and edited by Kathi Georges. Thanks Kathi!

Bass Player from Hand Job

2007 -11 - 20

Completed writing music for Wired Science episodes 3-10. Currently setting up Carter Burwell's studio for early sketches on secret project.

The Bass Player from Hand Job and Three Room Press are completing proof reading of "Splitting Hairs". A book of new poems. More information coming.

2007 -10 - 25

Scoring for Wired Science has continued through episodes 5, 6 7 and 8. Looks like we will score the whole series.

2007 -09 - 25

Currently scoring Episodes 3 and 4 of Wired Science for PBS Television.

2007 -08 - 11

The Music Licensing Page has been upgraded.

Preparations have started for the scoring of Carter Burwell's next music score for the film "In Bruges" directed by Martin McDonagh.

The Bass Player from Hand Job will be published by Three Room Press. A chapbook of poems tentatively titled "Get Your Global Warming On" shall be edited by Kathi Georges. The book shall feature known classics such as "A Pocket Full of Valium" and "The Punk Monologue".

2007 -07 - 16

We are currently upgrading the Music Licensing Webpage and there might be unusual behavior on this page for a few days.

We have added Play MUSIC to the website. Click the link in the top banner to listen to music and select tracks from the play list.

2007 -05 - 08

Recording starts on "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead". Directed by Sidney Lumet scoring will commence May 14th at Clinton Recording New York.

The Bass Player from Hand Job will appear at the Bowery Poetry Club June 30th 4-6pm in support of "Punk Rock Journal" poems by Kathi Georges. The Bass Player from Hand Job

2007 -04 - 16

Commencing setup of Carter Burwell's studio for music scoring of "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" directed by Sidney Lumet.

2007 -03 - 06

Currently scoring "The Nanny Diaries" in London at Abbey Road.

2007 -02 - 11

Scoring for music in the Joel and Ethan Coen film "No Country For Old Men" starts Tuesday at Clinton Recording New York.

2007 -01 - 14

Music score for "The Nanny Diaries". Composer Mark Suozzo writes music for the film and Dean Parker assists Suozzo's music writing.

2006 -12 - 19

Coming up performance: The Bass Player from Hand Job will perform and lead the band at the Bowery Poetry Club (New York, NY) tribute to Patti Smith 60th Birthday gig. December 28th 10pm.

2006 -12 - 18

Dean Parker attended the cast and crew screening of "The Good Shepherd". He says: "The film is great! What a team of people."

2006 -12 - 17

Commencing setup of Carter Burwell's studio The Body for the new Joel and Ethan Coen film "No Country For Old Men".

2006 -11 - 17

As dub stage mixing of the film comes to an end "The Good Shepherd" music department based in Sound One New York, NY packs up and closes shop. Bruce Fowler heads back to California to take care of his horses.